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It is no secret that many children do not enjoy visiting the dentist. Whether it is perceived pain or discomfort – going to the dentist can often cause anxiety for your young one.
At Mount Airy Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to provide a comfortable, pain-free environment for all our dental services. We provide an array of sedation techniques for your child so that their experience is pain-free should we need to fill a cavity or pull a troublesome tooth.

Topical Pain Relief – Typically we use this for procedures that are not very invasive. Numbing gel or in some cases Novocain will be used to numb the affected area.
Minimal Sedation – This is commonly used when the procedure requires more than removing a single tooth but does not require general anesthesia. Often your child will be put in a deep relaxation but can be awoken at any time.
General anesthesia – Used when oral surgery is required. Your child will be fully unconscious during the procedure.
Quick In-office Sedation – For minor procedures, we also offer the use of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is often known as laughing gas. We use a simple inhaler to introduce the gas and provide pain relief. Unlike the pain control methods described above, nitrous oxide wears off relatively quickly and is excellent for allowing your child to return to their daily routine quickly.
Ask your dentist for more information if nitrous oxide is right for your child. Please note: We recommend that children who are prone to bowel obstructions abstain from this type of sedation.

Giving you all your options

If you are not sure which sedation option is right for you, consult with our dentist. We will explain the procedure in detail and make recommendations based on the best treatment plan. We will also explore the best options for pain relief for your child.
If you have any questions before your appointment – call us now!

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