Fluoride treatments and Dental Sealants

Useful dental sealants

If your child is susceptible to tooth decay – dental sealants may be an effective way to prevent further damage to their teeth. While not completely effective at preventing cavities, it can delay further tooth decay and additional dental work.
Dental sealants will provide an acrylic shield that protects rear teeth and prevents bacterial infections. Typically, we recommend the use of sealants after the age of six and recommend that your children abstain from hard candy and sticky foods to prevent damage to the sealant.
Ask our dentists if a sealant option is right for your children.

Fast fluoride treatments

Fluoride treatments are some of the most effective ways to protect and strengthen your child’s teeth. We offer several unique flavors of fluoride treatments for your children that they will absolutely love. Also, we can recommend a children’s fluoride treatment that they can use at home after they are done brushing their teeth. You will be amazed at how much a one-minute fluoride swish can help protect their teeth. Fluoride is safe to use and an essential part of dental health.

Don’t neglect the regular exams

A lot can happen within six months to a year for your kid’s teeth. A cavity may not show on the x-ray only to be developing within a few months. Prevent pain and discomfort by staying on top of your child’s regular exams every six months. Schedule your visit to Mount Airy Pediatric Dentistry today!

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